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Are there robots in this world?

By Crystal Tein,    2008-02-28 21:28:45    

These people are perfect to the point of being robotic.
There are two friends of mine in Singapore, not very close friends but acquaintances. They are nice, on all counts. They eat, they drink, they work and they play. Yet, they never lose control.

They smile at me, they call me a friend, and do nice things. Yet, when I enquire on their emotional well-being and ask them questions about their lives, there is an uncanny perfectionism about their answers.

I am working very hard now to earn money. Doing well.

My life? Ok, its alright. Its just like that.

And they always smile at me. Its a nice perfect sweet smile. The right words, body language and gestures at the right time. Its almost too perfect for me to bear.

Strangely, the robots the Japanese have been building for years are now, suddenly, riding the wave of popularity.

Dare I say this for you to call me insane? I will say it- there is somebody manufacturing robots and putting them on our Planet Earth.

Crystal Tein, The Cheers News

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