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Flying machines 'economically and technically possible'    2008-07-01 10:41:52    

London, July 1 : Personal flying machines won't be just restricted to movies and cartoons, they will be a reality, says British entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair.
Personal flying machines won't be just restricted to movies and cartoons, they will be a reality, says British entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4's PM programme, Sinclair said that that soon it would be "economically and technically possible" to create flying cars for individuals.

"I'm sure it will happen and I am sure it will change the world dramatically," BBC quoted him, as saying.

Despite his pioneering work in the field of computers, Sir Clive in the interview said he was not an Internet user.
"I don't use it myself directly," he said, explaining that as an inventor he tried to avoid "mechanical and technical things around me so they don't blur the mind".

He said the Internet was "just wonderful and quite amazing" and its growth was not something he had predicted back in the 1980s.

"It has totally surprised me. I utterly failed to foresee that," he said.

The celebrated visionary is not working on developing flying car technology currently but said he would "love to be involved" with any effort.

As a pioneer in personal transport, he said, "flying cars were technically entirely possible. It would need to be automatically controlled because we can't all learn to fly. The vehicle would take off from your home and fly to wherever you want to go."

Sir Clive said personal flying machines would have to be electric powered, because petrol engines were not reliable enough. (ANI)
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Flying machines 'economically and technically possible'

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